Friday, 26 June 2015

Try hards get shat on

If there is anything I have learned in the several years of my life, is that formula is bullshit. Want to become a famous author? Go buy a book and read all about the logic and the tac-tics and study the living fuck out of it. But then go and try and write the thing, go and make it a best seller!

Guess what! You can't?


Because that's not how the world works. You don't just write a fucking good book and get a publishing deal and then get a best seller. You need to have luck on your side. You can read thousands and thousands of books about how to do it, but actually getting there is out of your hands.

Then you get the shit heads who accidentally achieve the goal you've been trying to accomplish for ages. Think of all the people who want to be an actor, they spend loads on training and work so hard and then a nine year old called Daniel Radcliffe*, who doesn't give a toss about acting just happens to have the role of Harry Potter handed to him on a plate.

In the early days of YouTube, before they saw how useful a marketing tool it was look at all those people who got discovered, for talking to a web cam for fucks sake. They spoke. To a camera. That is all! That is all and they're just famous now, earning a steady wage, better than most of the people who work their fucking arses off to accomplish that achievement.

It's bullshit.

We live in a world of humans, who all just want answers now. How do I start a relationship? How to I get a job? How do I win the lottery?

We're all trying to get the easy way, we all want to be the Daniel Radcliffe's of tomorrow, but until we realise that try hards never make it, we won't get there. Let go of the want for fame. Let go of the want for an easy life. It's not fair, it never will be.

Just keep on complaining and keep on doing what you do, but do it for the love. Do it for passion, because if you let your ego control you, those with a bigger ego will keep on taking a shit on your head.

Hang in there guys,

Yours Truly,
Mr. A


*I'd like to note I don't have anything against Daniel Radcliffe, he has done well with his career and I support that, the point I was making is that he had a very lucky start to it all. Thank you.

Honesty is the best policy

If you're coming to look at this blog trying to find a hint of positivity in the world, then you're in the wrong place. What you will get is honesty, plain and true. To the point, honesty. As a nice guy in the world I feel it is time that somebody started saying shit as it is. I know what it feels like to want to be a good person, but every nice thing you do just seems to make you the target of the next bastard in line.

Everyone wants to walk all over you, everyone is out to take advantage and as much as you want to say fuck it to the norm and smile, the anger that bubbles within you is too much.

So that's why I'm here, as an ambassador to every person out there, who wants a peaceful existence but just gets screwed over by the substantial amount of tossers this place has to offer. I am also here to help you vent your own frustration, so feel free to comment any shit you can think of.

Let's complain our way to happiness!

Yours Truly,
Mr. A(nonymous)